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Welcoming Fall

Traditions are very important in our family. Since marrying my husband, we've established some that have stood the test of time, while others have been added more recently. One that is long standing and that I love to do is mark the change of seasons. Though we don't have much fall color here at all and the weather has been warm and humid-not fall-ish at all-we did mark the change of season with our usual first day of fall activities. We closed up the crawlspace vents in preparation for the cooler weather we hope is on its way, switched our candles from summer scents to fall scents (anything apple, please!), sipped on some double spice pumpkin chai tea, and my daughter reminded us it was National Hobbit Day and wore one of her hobbit shirts. We also dragged out the fall decorations and the kids helped in decorating the mantle in the living room. We still have some decorating to do on the front porch, but that will have to wait when it's both cooler and drier as it rained all day today. I am reluctant to let summer go, but am thankful for the beautiful fall that takes its place.

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Sep 27, 2021

That's great!


Sep 24, 2021

Going to be spending some time this weekend decorating for fall inside and out.

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