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There is nothing in this world that I enjoy more than learning.  I've always craved knowing things and searching for the answers to my questions.  Unlike a lot of people, I enjoyed school: elementary school, middle school, high school, and college; every bit of it.  I also come from a long line of teachers, so I suppose there's something in my DNA that loves to learn and teach.  I naturally and excitedly intended to enter the teaching profession.  By God's grace, He steered me away from the public school arena and into a early childhood teaching experience, teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten.  In September 2005, my daughter entered the world and as I watched her grow and develop the first couple of years, I knew I wanted nothing more than to keep her home with me and continue to watch her learn and grow.  My path led to the homeschooling community and reading and learning alongside my kids, which has been the most amazing experience.  I found my personal philosophy aligned very much with Charlotte Mason, and I've spent the last several years learning everything I can about her philosophy and applying her ideas in my homeschool.   I have two children, both in high school, one amazing husband, two dogs, and two birds.  This little piece of Internet space is where I intend to share a little of where we've been, where we are, and possibly where we're heading as a homeschool family; a grand adventure.

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