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Reading This Week...

The book pile is high and varied right now. I'm kind of just reading whatever I'm in the mood for at any particular time, and therefore the high book pile.

My big read that I started in the spring and am still working on is The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky. I love it and I'm savoring my time with it, so I'm reading small bits at a time; a chapter or two each session.

I'm also reading:

-The Toxic War on Masculinity by Nancy Pearcey

-The Liberal Arts Tradition by Ravi Jain and Kevin Clark (a reread, I treated myself to the third edition)

-The Bird in the Tree by Elizabeth Goudge (just discovered her and I'm in love!)

-Cloud of Witnesses by Dorothy Sayers

-Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

I also still read aloud with the children, which is my absolute favorite reading time. We are spending the summer with The Lord of the Rings series by Tolkien which is a reread. This time though, we're removed from the movies, as last time we read the books right after watching the movies. The books are so much better and we're picking up on things that were lost before because we were so busy comparing the two. We're also finishing up Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen--should finish that this week. We also finished reading Shakespeare's King Lear together and Crusader King by Susan Peek this week. We've just started Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson which we're enjoying. Stevenson is one of our favorites as we've read aloud Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and thoroughly enjoyed them. Like them, Kidnapped is super enjoyable as well.

We also just love Stevenson's poetry. His is the poem we're working on memorizing this month.

At the Sea-Side

When I was down beside the sea

A wooden spade they gave to me

To dig the sandy shore.

My holes were empty like a cup.

In every hole the sea came up

Till it could come no more.

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