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Calibrate - v. 1.) To check, adjust, or determine by comparison with a standard

2.) To make corrections in; adjust

2022 arrived and I was in great need of some calibration. As 2021 wound down, we were giving into some bad habits as a family. We weren't reading as a family like we used to, we weren't devoting ourselves to literary or knowledgeable pursuits during our evenings, but instead were filling time with mindless TV. The new year found us all sick and it took most of the month of January to finally feel like just starting the day wasn't an extreme chore. Sadly, we're in the stage of caring for aging parents and making and executing major life changes for them and us, such as helping a mother move into a memory care facility. Needless to say, 2022 came with lots of stress and difficulty; my husband and I lament and wonder why we just couldn't seem to get the new year under our thumb. And it's not just us. I participate in a lot of homeschooling forums, and lots of families have welcomed 2022 in the same way. Life is just flat out hard right now for so many of us.

Finally, February is here and things seem to be slightly less chaotic and healthier thus far. I decided to carpe diem and make some adjustments, since we (I) were way off kilter. Firstly, I want to recommit myself to this little piece of internet. I had just inspiration and vision back in the summer and then life just hit hard; thus the reason for all the TV as my family and I tend to grab screens when overwhelmed. I've developed a writing schedule that I hope to implement faithfully. Of course that means, this computer will be the only screen I should turn to when life gets hard once again, for it will. Secondly, less TV means more time in the evenings, and the family and I have been filling that time with reading, listening to podcasts we enjoy, or watching webinars that are edifying and limiting TV to only a couple of nights a week. I for one have a tremendous pile of books to read and as the day is full with homeschooling, housework, and all the other things of life that consume the day, I've not been carving out much time to read so this is of utmost importance to me. I've also re-committed to my ClassicalU classes that I so enjoyed in the fall, but never started up again after the holiday break.

So here's to 2022 and getting back to what we enjoy and value! Like for the baby bluebird up above, life begins anew from this day forth. We pick up and keep moving forward.

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09 févr. 2022

This is so inspiring! Thanks

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